Auto Insurance car began to develop almost simultaneously with its birth. After the invention of the late XIX century, this truly revolutionary kind of movement in the form in which we know it originated auto insurance market. However, once discovered, and the problems associated with its use. In fact, the car – this means high risk. He often brings death, causes damage to human health, as well as movable and immovable property. In addition, the vehicle may be stolen, ignite, pour paint and take with him many others, is not very pleasant for the owner of things….

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Why to insure?

Why insure the car?

In USA, this process is put into an obligation, even though the scheme of insurance payments and refunds are still working are not adjusted and not very effective.

Insurance in the United States plays a crucial role in society as a whole, and in the life of the individual family. We’ll talk about car insurance, simply because each person with the face almost immediately upon arrival in America.

It is worth noting the fact that insurance is regulated by law in the United States is not at the federal level and state level. This means only one thing – you can only trust…

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Nowadays auto insurance is the most common type of insurance. This is the whole system, which combines the various types of existing property insurance, liability insurance regarding risks, private insurance, the risks associated with the operation of common roads. And as a rule, auto insurance today is meant by insurance and not just means of transport (hull), as well as civil liability of owners of means of transport, and even more – the insurance of seats in the means of transport provided in the event of death or injury resulting from an accident the driver and passengers . The main feature…

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